Valentines Day is almost here...Order your sweetheart Something Yummy today!.

Get your Valentine cookies and Chocolate Covered Strawberries here!


Can't wait to make your party.... Unforgetable !!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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Stephanie said...

This is Keri Eagar's good friend Stephanie. You gave me your card at her birthday party. I love all your cakes! Wow! They are amazing! I was telling you at the party that I decorate cakes too but only using a star tip. My cakes are nothing like yours but you have inspired me to put just a few of my cakes on my family blog for others to see. I would love for you to look at them. I'm not sure exactly why. Maybe because you decorate cakes I think you might enjoy to see someone else's cakes too. I must warn you that mine are not nearly as awesome as yours in fact I don't even make the cake myself. I buy the cakes already made from Costco and then I just decorate them so that I can have the exact theme I choose. My blog is: You will have to scroll down through a few posts because I have posted since posting the cakes. Leave a comment and tell me what you think!
Stephanie Adair